Below we will outline the measures that we have implemented in relation to COVID-19 and the recent lockdown measures announced by the UK Government.

  • Introduction of home working for employees. We have provided laptops and VPN connectivity to employees to allow them to continue to provide key services to our customers in a secure manner. Support will remain in operation.
  • Key systems personnel have been issued with letters of authority to ensure they can access the Data Centre during the lockdown period.
  • Rotation of office based staff with the key emphasis on splitting similar roles between home and office working.
  • Additional sanitation measures have been put in place in the office environment.
  • We have serviced critical equipment such as Power Supplies and Generators.
  • We are restricting access to visitors to the office until further notice.

Our business is considered critical to the national infrastructure and its employees are recognised as key workers. We will do everything we can in our power to ensure we continue to provide the service you expect. We do however require cooperation from our customers so please accept that we will not be operating at full strength. This will mean that response times to issues will be longer than usual.

Lastly we are unable to offer free services to customers during this crisis. We have ongoing infrastructure costs and have not been offered any financial dispensations from our suppliers or for that matter by the government. We will continue to monitor the governments fiscal programs for changes and we will of course inform customers accordingly should there be any assistance that they could benefit from.


Keep Safe and well.
Last Updated 25th March 2020